Judith Lesika,

Co-Founder, President


Judith_Lesika (2)


Marangu – Kilimanjaro,Tanzania is where her story begins. Judith’s passion for helping those in need started at a very young age. She recalls inviting one of her elementary school classmates to her home after school and shared her food with the classmate who confided in Judith that there was no food to eat at her home. Afterwards,she joined Kifungilo Girls’ secondary school where she learned that one of the students in her class was from a very poor family, and the school church had stepped in to help with the girl’s school fees. Out of compassion and wanting to help, Judith shared her pocket money with the student, using the little resources she had to bring hope to the hopeless. After joining Marian Girls in Bagamoyo for her high school education, she continued writing letters and sharing her pocket money with the girl in Kifungilo.

Giving brings great joy to her heart. Along with being a generous donor to many different non-profit organizations, Judith also supported a girl in Tanzania who did not secure a loan for her university studies in 2015. One of Judith’s favorite songs is Go Light Your World. Her desire is to light as many of the unlit candles of the less fortunate. With your support, we can light the world.

In her spare time, Judith enjoys travelling, hiking, visiting different parks, beaches, and nature sightseeing. She loves singing in her church choir  & volunteering in her community.


Joan Ng’ongolo,

Co-Founder, Vice- President


jochoiceJoan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Education from The City University of New York. She has worked as a secondary school science and mathematics teacher in New York City and Tanzania. She now lives in The Netherlands with her husband Evans and son Oliver.

A lover of children, she enjoys  teaching Sunday school and babysitting. Joan is passionate about helping people live up to their God-given potential. In 2006, while in college ,Joan went on a missions trip to a remote village in Kenya where she helped build a house for a woman widowed by AIDS. It is here she recalls witnessing the love that God has for the poor and the call to be of service to underprivileged women and girls.. She believes that eliminating economic  barriers for  girls to pursue quality education is a step towards ending poverty.

Joan enjoys live music,  gardening, museums, reading about international issues and watching documentaries.



Jennifer Imani





As a child visiting her grandparents in Chimala(Tanzania), Jenn met many of her peers who struggled with basic literacy skills. Most of her playmates dropped out of school at an early age due to poverty. EAGF has given her a platform to advocate for girl’s access to quality education.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Texas Southern University. In addition to volunteering, she loves road trips and crafting.






Sophia Maeda-Komba


Sophia has been involved with EAGF since 2015 when she was asked to become one of the board members of EAGF and later took a position of  Treasurer for EAGF. Coming from a society where accessibility to good quality education is a challenge due to financial constraints, Sophia is excited that through her involvement with EAGF, dedicated board members and the support of its donors and well-wishers, more doors will open for more underprivileged girls and eventually break the poverty cycle through providing good quality education. “EAGF is my way of providing positive life changing opportunities for underprivileged girls and indirectly end the poverty circle in Tanzania and the world at large”.

Outside work Sophia enjoys crocheting hats, outfits and blankets for babies as well as enjoys hiking.